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Rising Seniors Attend Catholic Social Teaching Symposium in New York
The Catholic University of America
17 June 2011

Young People Share Pro-Life Beliefs at United Nations
Juliann DosSantos
Catholic New York
15 June 2011

Encouraging Youth to Commit to Life and to Hope
Lauren Funk
Catholic Lane
8 June 2011

Peace Studies Students Visit Vatican Mission to UN
Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies
9 June 2011

Lady Gaga and a path to peace
Tom Gallagher
National Catholic Reporter
8 June 2011

Two religious missionaries will receive the "Servitor Pacis Award"
Fides News Agency
20 May 2011

Manhattan Sponsors Student Attendance at Catholic Social Teaching Seminar
Manhattan College
October 2010

College students to gather at UN for symposium on Catholic social teaching
Catholic News Agency
3 May 2010

Murdered Iraqi bishop to receive posthumous Path to Peace award
Catholic News Agency
1 June 2009

Where is Mary Rose? This poem reveals the answers! (19 May 2009)

MR in NY: Swiss Army Knives, Good Habits, and a Youthful UN (19 May 2009)

MR in NY: Hanging out with Lady Liberty (20 May 2009)

MR in NY: Finding love at the heart of Catholic Social Teaching (21 May 2009)

MR in NY: A different kind of Catholicism (22 May 2009)

Mary Rose Bacani
salt+light blog

Nun is a poignant voice for AIDS orphans in Africa
The Catholic Herald
19 April 2008

Previewing the Pope in New York: Mission to the UN now on DVD
salt+light blog
Kris Dmytrenko
7 April 2008

The Catholic Church at the U.N. (27:09 video)
salt+light television

The Sunday explore the Holy See Mission to the United Nations
salt+light blog
Matthew Harrison
5 October 2007

General Assembly President stresses value of interfaith dialogue in securing peace
UN News Centre
13 June 2007

The Holy See Mission: A Voice for the Voiceless
salt+light blog
Matthew Harrison
12 June 2007

Religious Tolerance and the Common Good
The Most Rev. Charles J. Chaput
First Things
23 May 2007

Live from New York... it's Salt + Light!
salt+light blog
Matthew Harrison
21 May 2007

Duchess Hails Micro-Credit as Path to Peace
14 June 2006

Grand Duchess to get Path to Peace Award
6 June 2006

Knights of Malta leader named for peace prize
Catholic World News
4 November 2005

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